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Sharing pictures on Facebook is really quick and easy: just hit 'Share' under the picture you like.  You can share to your own profile or into Facebook groups and even to a friend's profile or, if you are administrator of a Facebook page, to your page.  Plus, you can tag you Facebook friends in the pictures to alert them.

Sometimes we hear that people don't get any response from their friends about their Facebook-based awareness-raising activities.  There are various reasons why people don't respond... but that doesn't mean they don't notice.  Who knows, you may get a private message when you least expect it that someone understands more about ME after seeing one of the pictures you shared!  Or you could even get an offer to fundraise on behalf of ME sufferers.

Also, on Facebook, it's good not to 'overload' your Facebook friends with awareness-raising materials.  But if you share just one picture a week - which is not that much - this will add up to 52 pictures a year. An average Facebook user has around 130 friends (and many have more) - so someone is bound to notice.

If you are a well-connected patient advocate on Facebook or administrate an ME awareness page, we encourage you to share as many pictures on Facebook as possible.  Please share them using the 'Share' button or by tagging others in the pictures (rather than saving them to your computer and uploading them as your own) - this will help alert others to the resource on Facebook.  Every picture you find on this blog will have a link to where you can find it and share on Facebook - just follow the link.

Recently, Facebook introduced a new profile called the 'Timeline'.  It consists of two images: a large background picture - the Cover - and a smaller square picture - the Profile picture.  The 'Cover' images are the long rectangular pictures.  Download them from here and use on your profile and include a link to to let others know where they find more Timeline covers. Example:

Many kinds of pictures are shared on Facebook - so why not share ME awareness pictures? Facebook is ideal for picture sharing and frequent presence is best.

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